John T. McKellar

Note from John T: I found this older version of my site on a hard drive I had. I was surprised to find it there, and thought my site visitors might enjoy seeing it. I hope you like my older site! If you want to return to my homepage, click here.

The official website of John T. McKellar

This page is literally all about John T. McKellar.

Here you can find just about anything about John McKellar, from Lego Projects to new music.

The things you can find on this website

Links to the items listed above are below, followed by a brief description of each.


The planes page explains my aviation enthusiasm and describes my ideal private jet fleet and the uses of each plane.


The Music page describes new and not so new music I am learning or have learned on the piano, violin, or cello. Please note that not all songs are listed. If you have a song you would like me to upload that I have learned or I should learn, feel free to email me at my email address if you have it.

I am still figuring out how to upload photos about my lego creations, so please standby for the creation of my lego projects page.

Feedback and Surveys

This page contains all the information you need in order to reach me to give me feedback, and you can also find survey questions about my site. The survey questions are just to gather opinion about specific aspects of my site to assist in convenience of reading and viewing, so your answers and feedback are much appreciated!


Here is the page where you can find anything on the site that has been taken down, it is all archived here.

Coding Fails

Here are the funniest fails from the development of this website.

Not seeing the things you wanted?

You might not see the things you were expecting to find in this site because this site is under development. The site is being built, and the things I said you would be able to see above will be added as soon as I can. Once this site has been finished (I mean has everything on it that I listed above), the site will be updated frequently.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Please give me feedback about my site! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me about them at my email address if you have it. Or, if you have my phone number, you can reach me there. Either one is fine. Please tell me what I should add, any comments you might have, or anything I should remove from the site. Thank you for your feedback!

A special Thank you

Special thanks to Neocities for hosting my website. It is a wonderful free site creator, and is easy to use if you know how to write code. Thanks again Neocities!