About John T. McKellar

Hi! I am John T. McKellar! I am currently in seventh grade at Teton Middle School. As you may have learned from my site, I enjoy coding. Below are a few interests of mine.

All right, now you know some of my primary interests. I will talk a little bit about them, and maybe a few more. So first, I really enjoy music and making music. I currently sing, play violin and piano, and I am learning cello. As for my making music, you can see what music I have made on my Music page. I really like modern music and fiddle tunes. I am currently learning Music for a Found Harmonium on violin. It is really hard, but really fun! Now, about piano. I have played piano for about 7 years. I love to play, and again, you can find out more about what I am playing on the music page. Piano is a really fun, and somewhat difficult, instrument to learn. I love playing it, and am having lots of fun learning cool songs.

Next, I really enjoy to ski and mountain bike. During the winter, I ski at Grand Targhee Resort . I really love skiing, and I have done so since I was about four! Unfortunately, the 2019-2020 season at Grand Targhee has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, during the summer, I love mountain biking. I primarily ride with my dad, my cousins, or both up Horseshoe Canyon in Driggs, Idaho. I ride a Yeti carbon frame bike. I love mountain biking! It is so much fun.

As you may have seen from my Essays and Papers page, I like to write things. I haven't written a book yet, but I am considering it. Again, to find the essays and/or papers I have written, head on over to the Essays and Papers page.

I have an obsession with commercial airplanes. For as long as I can remember, I have loved flying. My favorite airline is Delta Air Lines, for a number of reasons. But, this isn't a paragraph about which airline is best and why, I just like Delta. I like huge planes. In my mind, the bigger the better. I also have a fondness for Airbus aircraft, from the little A319 up to my favorite airplane ever, the A380. Sadly, the A380 program has been cancelled, and the last one to ever be built is under construction right now. But, back to my love of aviation. I am the person who will always take a look into the flight deck as I am boarding, I always want the window seat, and I love sitting in the airport and watching the planes go by. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus is shutting theh airlines down temporarily, sadly forcing many to cease operations permanently. But, again, I must stay on track. Back to aviation. I would like to become an airline pilot, preferably for Delta, but that is pretty hard to do. Still, it would be fun. And, I think that is all to say about my obsession with commercial aviation!